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At UP FRONT PLUMBING SERVICES (We find the water leaks that are leaking.) We start at the most obvious spots where the damage is and from there we carry out the necessary test needed to pin point the water leak.

We at UP FRONT PLUMBING SERVICES have had 15 years of experience in the field of plumbing. Most water leaks are minor but we treat every water leak the same. If you have a water leak call us at UP FRONT PLUMBING SERVICES as we are ready for your job. A leaking tap can lose 20,000 litres of water per year, proving costly to you and the environment.

Shower mixer taps are more aesthetically pleasing on the eye that the traditional tap heads that are seen in older bathrooms. A shower mixer tap has a single lever handle that adjusts the pressure and flow between the hot and cold water supplies. It regulates the pressure and allows the mixer to mix the hot and cold water as required. Mixer taps are great at controlling temperature and you are able to set the desired shower temperature mix and by just pulling or pushing the tap to the on/off position you will instantly have the same temperature each time you shower. Shower mixer taps are ideal should you have arthritis or find it difficult turning conventional taps on or off as the one lever can easily be adjusted and turned on and off.

Call Up Front Plumbing Services and we will give you the best advice into saving you costly water bills. We will fix or replace problem taps and facets and we will give you an Up Front quote Up Front plumbing Services are the professionals in the Penrith area and will have your plumbing problem fixed in no time.

Pension discounts apply CALL US: 0432 205 799 or 0247 334 605